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Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

Sohamahos-Meaning “That Am I, I am That”

More than a statement, it is the inner realization Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn works with as his consciousness made realization of the cosmic source and developed God Realization through higher Samadhis. Realizing aspects of cosmogenesis, Yoga, tantra, healing, alchemistry, siddhis and natures of human’s fields, he works with Samadhi, conscious linkage with Source and developments of energy exchange to heal, gain insights, coach through personal barriers, develop shaktipat, initiate opening of chakras, send Kriya Initiation, pass on conscious information, teach insights and provide knowledge on his areas of expertize.

The naming of Sohamahos does not suggest Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn thinks he is God, rather that God has become Him. A statement of Soruba Samadhi- the conscious barrier or surrender to Source (Allah/Brahman/Tao/Godhead/YHWH/GOD).

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