Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn Provides The Following Services:

1. Chiropractic Care: Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn works out of a clinic at 588 Danforth Ave, 2nd Floor, Unit #3, Toronto, ON, M4K 1R1 in Toronto some afternoons and weekend mornings.

To Book Appointments Click HERE! or by contacting Dr. Greszczyszyn by emailing and more Immediate appointments or Emergencies contacting 416-535-9355 to see if the schedule permits (PLEASE NOTE DO IT IN THIS ORDER, first non emergencies through clinic numbers. And emergencies through email and on day of (as scheduler notifies a day in advance although there may be available day booking by calling this phone number but not ahead of time as the scheduler is designed to be used first and phone on day to see if I’m available).

Treatments are provided in ways to teach the patient to control their health with ways they can become healthier, decrease aging and stay out of doctors offices. Maintenance and corrective care through advanced teaching and treatments during the first appointment help reduce follow up treatments although follow up treatments can be scheduled on a more routine basis to clear limitations due to work, relationships or the roles you play. Initial Visits with diagnosis are $30 (3 adjacent appointments when booking) and punctuality and fast paced teaching help support inexpensive cost of follow up therapy which is $10/visit.

Appointments provide a detailed analysis of food sensitivities which cause pain, decreased range of motion and other subjective limitation including weight gain, bloatiness, problems with sleep, waking pain, feet pain, disc problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, allergies, mental and psychiatric limitations, mood swings, emotions, non ideal body image and cause of recurrent need for therapy.

Treatments also address muscular and joint pain as well as stiffness through chiropractic care. Abundance clearing through helping modified mental non limitation of wealth/career/finances, relationship benefits, and non stresses to the roles you play through the use of a powerful mind body therapy called NET (Neuroemotional technique), Acupuncture (using needles or laser for those not wanting needle therapy), Applied Kinesiology including cranial sacral therapy, nutrition, acupuncture meridian therapy, orthotics, trigger point therapy, organ healing, support of learning disabilities and even sports enhancement. TBM (Total Body Modification-a non impact chiropractic work for those interested in low impact chiropractic care) Reiki, Pranic and Yoga Samadhi Healing for conscious and spiritual relaxation healings. Diet/nutrition as well as weight loss guidance, and best of all support and understanding of principles for wellness and anti-aging!

2A. All eManuals on Spirituality, Abundance, Metaphysics, Health, Anti-Aging, and Immortality can be found online through NATIVE AMAZONS (the following is link but you can search Greszczyszyn to find more of Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Sohamahos” over 250 Kindle Works.

Kindle works can be purchased for other devices other than kindle readers and can be purchased as “SAVE TO COMPUTER” so they may be read on computer, phone, tablet etc.


2B. Kriya Yoga Initiation: To Received Kriya Yoga Initiation; a system of yoga to develop conscious breakthroughs in: Eleven Primary Human Masteries, Weatlh/Duties/Liberation/Pleasures, 8 Major/56 Minor Siddhis or Psychic Abilities, Fame/Success/Beauty/Health/Awe/Languages/Intellect, as well as 4 Omni’s of Omnipresence/Omniscience/Omnipotency/Omnitemporal Insights. Initiation into each level can be arranged by purchasing Kriya Yoga: Techniques and Use on Amazon (Kindle or Published Work) or via in persons (Toronto area) or eConference initiation. Both can be scheduled as 2X1 Hour time slots arranged on the scheduler here on this site. Those interested in either approach email (Subject Kriya Initiation). Cost is $120 US. Online Level Four Kriya Yoga Initiation Seminar will be help occasionally in group settings with notification posted on AvatarBabajiYoga/facebook page as well as on this site once seminar information has been finalized. Video recording will be added to AMAZON at a higher fee.

3. eBooks on Amazon (all countries partaking) by searching: Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn on AMAZON search, and are updated on an ongoing basis. Each manual is a stand alone concept which builds on yoga, siddhis, health, healing, Billionaire Mindset, Abundance Paradigm, Manifesting, chakras, cosmogenesis, longevity and immortality. Each manual is priced at $0.99 an eManual with some courses marked below $8. Check back often for new additions.

4. Coaching/Limiting Belief Clearing: Can be arranged and offered through either email/and or 1-1 eConference format. Coaching Minimum can be 1 Hr in Length and topics include all eManuals by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn, Yoga, Kriya Yoga, health and healing, nutrition, weight loss, allergies, detoxification, diet, supplementation, alchemistry, siddhis, cosmology and chakras. Clearing will be made to help you break through barriers or move to higher consciousness. Coaching for 1 Hr is $175 US. Online eConference or house calls in Toronto Area can be scheduled by contacting or using the link at the bottom of the page.

5. Joint Ventures can be arranged and made visible through Facebooks, eList, Twitter and this website.

6. Visit and Like for all things Yoga and Spiritual/Abundant Writings!

7. Follow Sohamahos@GodParadigm on Twitter for ongoing updates!!

8. Conscious Healing is also Available for those interested in one/more than one time, monthly or ongoing healing through distance healing. Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn uses Samadhi and energetic healing including yoga therapy, Samadhi/conscious absorption with Source, reiki and pranic healing to deliver healing with remarks of limitations in the 22 fields of human energetics from physical with up to conscious or Godself. For those interested in a healing or to register for ongoing healing please contact at Subject “Healing”. Distance healing are $25 treatment and are sent weekday evenings EST between 10 and 11pm.

9. For those interested in Astrological Predictive Forecasting, Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn examines birth chart (given time;am/pm, location;city/state/country, date;Month/Day/Year of birth) has a system of examining predictive forecasting based on birth information with suggestions on how to remedy the limitations or maximize the benefits…information consists of wealth, career, relationships, birth of children, siddhis development, among other parameters, (well over 65 pages of documentation) for $25 and $50 for remedied-also there are yearly forecasting (not remedied) which can be gained through a small nominal yearly fee $7.95 US.

10. In Person Healing…a 30-40 Minute Intake and Treatment. House calls in Toronto Area/includes hotels you may be staying at. For those interested send notice of intention well in advance to with Subject “In Person Healing” with information on problem or concern, any medical or working diagnosis, things you want to work on, and possible dates of treatment.
Treatments are $90/ 30 minute treatment or health consultation.

11. Weight Loss Program: both eConference with clearing of limiting belief as well as dietary and exercise recommendation, can be achieved through clinic hours as best solution or in person Toronto based house calls by contacting $125/ 2X1 Hour separate days includes chiropractic and endocrine treatment in Toronto if desired as part of a package.

12. Friday Evening eConferences (most Friday Evenings from 9:30-11:30) there will be eConferences on Various Related Topics to the first 25 paid individuals that confirm with email and reserve a spot through payment on paypal/credit card using the sign up button on the shop part of this website with corresponding information sent to address in email you signed up with.

The following is a online scheduler for all eConferences Initiation, Mobile Treatments in GTA and Coaching.

To Book Appointments Click HERE!

Payments can only be made through cash and credit/debit for in-person appointments and arrangements for Online appointments made through contacting when you make contact with Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn online at

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